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Surrogate mothers, sharing love and receiving gratitude

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Compensation Plan for a Surrogate Mother

There are so many aspects to consider when choosing an assisted reproduction agency, to experience this journey of becoming a surrogate mother and helping a family!

At Costa Health, we see surrogacy as an incredible act of altruism, where you have the opportunity to benefit your family and yourself while helping a couple fulfill their dream of having a baby and growing their family. This would not be possible without your help and your big heart. And although there are many beautiful reasons to want to help someone build a family, one of the benefits of working with an assisted reproduction agency is the financial aspect.

Are you looking for extra income for that family vacation you've been wanting for a long time, or for the down payment on a new house, while also giving someone the opportunity to have a beautiful family like yours? Then you're in the right place!

Average Compensation for Surrogate Mothers in Mexico. Become a Surrogate Mother

While surrogacy is a rewarding and incredible gift, it is also a complex medical and legal process that requires significant time and energy. As a potential surrogate mother, it is natural to wonder about the average compensation. For most surrogacy agencies in Mexico, prospective parents provide the surrogacy compensation plan in exchange for your dedication, time, and sacrifice.

This includes financial information:

  • Competitive base compensation throughout the entire pregnancy.

  • Additional stipends based on various aspects of the surrogacy journey.

  • Coverage of all support for the surrogacy journey and reimbursement of expenses incurred during the process.

Compensation rates vary depending on the experience during the surrogacy process. The average payment for surrogate mothers may vary depending on whether you are undergoing a repeated surrogacy journey or are a first-time gestational surrogate mother. Each surrogacy agency is different, so the best way to know for sure is to speak with one of our surrogacy professionals. This way, you will be informed to make the best decision for you and your family.Expenses related to surrogacy.

As a surrogate mother, prospective parents will cover many of your expenses, from medical procedures to selection costs and your legal fees. In addition, you will receive a monthly payment. Remember that the base compensation is supplemented by certain stipends such as maternity clothing, transfer stipends, meal stipends while traveling for medical appointments and embryo transfer, and much more.

Like your base compensation, any expenses related to surrogacy that prospective parents plan to pay for should be decided early in the process and detailed in your legal surrogacy contract.

Surrogate Mother Compensation Plan

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