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Become the Egg Donor of Costa Health

Help a couple by giving them the opportunity to become parents.

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It takes a special person to become an Egg Donor, and that person could be you!

We are a certified agency that goes the extra mile to ensure all your needs are met. When you work with Costa Health, you receive support from start to finish.

Our compensation is above industry standards, in line with our distinguished clientele. Come and let us show you how we've earned our reputation for trust, integrity, and compassion.

¡We are excited that you are with us!

Basic requirements to be an egg donor:

  • Healthy, with a good family history of physical and mental health.

  • Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

  • Between the ages of 21 to 29.

  • Not currently breastfeeding, and/or using contraceptives.

  • No smoking, drug use, or excessive alcohol consumption (all donors are tested).

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Egg Donation Cycle Schedule
1. Application & Interview

Once a Donor applies online, an extensive interview and consultation is scheduled to determine eligibility and discuss the egg donation process.

03.Psychological Screening

After being matched, an Egg Donor will have an appointment for the psychological screening and will take a multiple choice test (either PAI or MMPI).

05. Medical Screening

f both parties wish to move forward after the meeting, the match will become official and coordination with the IVF clinic will begin.

02. Profile Published

After the interview, the Egg Donor’s profile will become active and published in the database, where Intended Parents will be able to view her profile.

04. Genetic Consultation

The Egg Donor will also have a consultation with a geneticist to go over family medical history and demographic history health.

06. Legal Agreement

Once you have been medically cleared to move forward, the drafting and execution of the legal contract between the Intended Parents and the Egg Donor will commence.

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