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We connect with you, uniting hearts and completing families.

The careful selection of an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) agency helps ensure that all emotional, legal, and medical aspects are adequately addressed, minimizing risks and enhancing the overall experience.


How do I gain access to the egg donor database?

There are two ways to access our database. You can complete a quick online questionnaire, and at Costa Health, an advisor will contact you shortly to activate your account so you can view our donors.

The second option is to write directly to our office. Costa Health will be happy to assist you in completing the questionnaire and provide you with a username and password to log in.

What does it mean for an Egg Donor to be 'On Hold'?

This indicates that the Donor is currently in the process of being matched with another client. If you wish to be included on the Donor's 'waiting list,' please speak with your case manager.

Your case manager will reach out to you if the match does not materialize. Another possibility is that this Donor has placed her profile on hold because she is temporarily unavailable to commit to a cycle but plans to do so in the near future.

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I am not 100% sure if I want to proceed with an Egg Donor/Surrogate, but I don't want to lose her.

If there is an available Egg Donor, you can temporarily place her on hold for five (5) business days at no cost while you decide if she is the Donor you want to work with.

A Surrogate can also be placed on courtesy hold for three (3) days if you have approved her profile.

Additionally, there will be a three (3) day hold after your meeting to decide if you want to secure the match.


We adhere to the highest industry standards.

Egg donation and surrogacy are relatively new advancements in medical technology. Consequently, we use the guidelines set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine as fundamental parameters to follow, and we also adhere to the standards established by SEEDS, the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy. We believe in ethical and transparent pathways in egg donation and surrogacy.

Timetable for expectant parents and egg donors


01. Application & Introduction

The first step is to get access to our online database and fill out a profile telling us a bit about yourselves and what you are looking for in a donor.


04. Medical Screening

Your donor will have a psychological screening, genetic screening, and medical screening with your clinic and it will take about three weeks to get all of those results back.


02. Choosing An Egg Donor

Once you have found a donor that you like, we will confirm she is available to travel to your clinic, have any previous records approved by your doctor, and make sure all of your questions are answered.


05. Legal Agreement

Once your donor has been medically cleared, the attorneys will work with both parties to get a legal agreement in place.


03. Matching with Your Egg Donor

You will sign a Retainer Contract, Estimated Cost Sheet, and send in your agency fee, as well as set up your escrow account so that we can send the official match sheet to your nurse.


06. Appointments & Retrieval

After legal is completed, your nurse will put together a calendar for the cycle that includes the appointments, medication start date, and estimated retrieval date.

Selection of egg donation cycle for Costa Health

Standard Egg Donation

Standard egg donation allows you to get as many eggs as possible from one retrieval. If you are looking to have more than one child, we highly recommend a standard egg donation cycle. Pro: You receive all of the eggs from the cycle. Con: You are 100% responsible for the cycle cost.

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Shared Cycle Egg Donation

Shared Egg Donation is a cost effective way to cycle an egg donor. Intended Parent(s) are matched with another Intended Parent(s) in order to reduce the cost of an Egg Donation cycle. All Intended Parent(s) will share incurred expenses. The Intended Parent(s) will mutually pick a Donor, then The Genesis Group will synchronize their cycle so both parties can potentially have a fresh transfer, and equally split the egg yield. Pro: Cost Effective Con: You only receive 50% of the egg yield.

Frozen Egg Bank

Frozen egg bank guarantees that you will have viable mature eggs. This process saves you much needed time. You will typically save three months on average. You will also not run the risk of finding out your donor has empty follicle syndrome because the eggs have already been harvested. We have the eggs available now to be shipped to clinics within the U.S. Pro: You save time and reimburse agency for mature eggs only Con: You only get a limited amount of eggs.


Timetable for expectant parents and surrogates


01. Application & Interview

We will schedule an extensive consultation to discuss the surrogacy process with the Intended Parent, after which they will need to complete a profile application prior to meeting with a Surrogate.


04. Establishment of Third Party Escrow

Once matched, the Intended Parent will need to establish and fund a third-party escrow to cover their surrogate expenses.


02. Match Meeting

Once mutually interested, we will facilitate an in-person or online meeting between the Intended Parents and Surrogate to determine compatibility.


05. Medical Screening

The Surrogate and her partner (if applicable) will undergo a medical screening appointment at the Intended Parents’ IVF clinic to determine if the Surrogate has any issues that would preclude her from being a Surrogate.


03. Official Match

If both parties wish to move forward after the meeting, the Intended Parent submits their signed retainer documents and fee to secure their match.


06. Legal Clearance

Once the Surrogate has been medically cleared to proceed with the surrogacy, the drafting and execution of the legal contract between the Intended Parents and Surrogate will begin.

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