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Help us make the dream of family a reality!

Find a sperm donor who is the best match for you.

Why Consider Sperm Donation?

By becoming a sperm donor with Costa Health, you could give the gift of life to those who would otherwise be unable to have children. Whether you know someone who has had a personal struggle to conceive, or you just like the idea of helping others, sperm donation is an incredible experience.

Give the gift of life!

Since the moment we were founded, our aim has been to help couples who want to have a child but fail to achieve pregnancy because of infertility.

Our egg donation program and a sperm donor database are a gleam of hope for those who want to fulfill their dream of having a family despite fertility issues. We find that it is crucial to create optimal conditions for our patients and donors so that we can provide unmatched quality of service.

Find the sperm donor who is the best match for you!

At Costa Health, we ensure to accept sperm only from qualified donors to achieve excellent results and a good reputation with our clients.

We choose our sperm donors from college and university students and professionals who are willing to become sperm donors. Our group of donors consists of young men aged between 20 and 39, who are smart, healthy, and attractive.

Once a potential sperm donor has gone through the initial stage of his application, he undergoes medical examination. They also undergo evaluations through psychological tests to learn more about their personality. Genetic testing is performed, and their fertility is assessed. Furthermore, they undergo a careful physical examination, where they are subjected to various tests for multiple diseases and medical conditions.

Keep in mind that the sperm donor you choose may not be available immediately. Therefore, it's a good idea to contact us in advance to reserve and purchase a number of sperm vials from your preferred donor.

Sperm Donor Process
01. Application & Interview

Fill out an online application and submit it.

If your application is preliminarily accepted, our donor coordination team will contact you via email to discuss the next steps.

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02. Psychological Screening

Applicants will be invited to an appointment to check if their sperm counts are high enough to move forward.


If your test sample meets our minimum requirements, you will be invited to the next step.

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03. Evaluation and Testing

If you progress to the evaluation and testing phase, you are expected to attend weekly appointments at the laboratory to provide a sperm sample, in addition to completing other steps such as medical evaluation, STI testing, review of family medical history, and personal information.

04. Sign Contract

If you are approved, you will sign a contract. Donors are expected to participate in the program for 6-18 months, making 1-2 collection appointments per week.


As an approved Program Donor, you will have quarterly blood and urine tests and biannual physical exams.

To Become a Sperm Donor

Applying to become a sperm donor is the first step of your journey.


A member of our sperm donation team will then get in touch to provide more information and go through the next steps with you. Once you have applied you will still have plenty of time to ask questions and change your mind should you wish.

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